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The Vintage Chevrolet Heritage Foundation, Inc.

Welcome to The Vintage Chevrolet Heritage Foundation, Inc.

1925 - Mechanical Features of the New Chevrolet

An early filmstrip from the Ardie Overby Collection

Improved 1926 Chevrolets

This is an early Chevrolet filmstrip.

Improved Chevrolet Trucks for 1926

Chevrolet Dealer Training for 1926 Truck

1927 The Most Beautiful Chevrolet in Chevrolet History

The 1927 Chevrolets!

1928 Bigger & Better

Chevrolet film strip about the 1928 cars and trucks!

1929 The Greatest Chevrolet in Chevrolet History

Another 1929 Film Striip about the Chevrolet Six!

1929 The Outstanding Truck of Chevrolet History

Features of the 1929 Chevrolet Truck with the new 6 cylinder engine!

1929 The Outstanding Chevrolet

Instroducing the new 6 cylinder 1929 Chevrolet!

The Great American Value for 1932 - Body and Chassis

1932 Chevrolet Body and Chassis Film Strip from the Ardie Overby Collection!

1933 New Chevrolet Trucks

New Chevrolet Trucks for 1933!

What a Car! The 1934 Chevrolet Sales Training Filmstrip.

Check out this great video about the 1934 Chevrolet sales points

The Standard 6 for '36

Check out this great video introducing the 1936 Standard 6!

The Master Deluxe For 1936

All the changes for 1936 in the Master Deluxe!

1937 The new Master Deluxe

Check out the 1937 Master Deluxe

1937 Truckin

Chevrolet 1937 Truck Sales Training. Compares Chevrolet trucks to Ford trucks.