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New Videos Posted!

The new 1957 Chevrolets have a distinct look!

Two new videos featuring the 1957 Chevrolets have been posted on the Video page. One is about driver saftey, the other about the new 1957 models. Click on Video Content in the menu bar above or in the bottom of this page.

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Ardie Overby Film Collection Arrives at Hershey

Mary and Roger James hauled the Hensel Collection from Wisconsin to the AACA Library in Hershey, PA.

The Ardie Overby Collection of thousands of Chevrolet filmstrips, sound filmstrip kits, 16mm films and 35mm films arrived are stored in the VCHF archive at the AACA Library in Hershey, PA.

December 1966 Chevrolet Dealer Communication Package digitized.


August 31, 2018. The 4 filmstrips and associated records were digitized and posted on the Slideshows page of our website. The printed materials in the package are on the Literature page.

1950 Chevrolet Dealer Album


The Dealer Album has been photographed and posted on the Literature page.

1950 Chevrolet Features Dealer Display Board

Chevrolet Dealers had this flip chart in their showrooms.

Dealers had a free standing display board flip chart that showed the 1950 car features. We have posted photos of it on the Slideshows page.

Vintage Chevrolet Films


We constantly post links to Chevrolet films that can be viewed on the internet. Check the Video Content  page often! Also, our Links page offers information about Vintage Chevrolets and GMCs on other organization's websites.

Catalog of the Ardie Overby Film Collection

Use the tabs on the bottom to navigate to the content. Note that there are more than just Chevrolet and GMC here!

Ardie's Flim Colletion (9-5-2015) (xlsx)